Top Benefits of Our New Excel Floor Tiles

Choosing flooring for your commercial property can be a chore but if you don’t spend the time to find the flooring that best suits your needs then you’ll be regretting that decision for years to come. It’s important that your floors are practical and durable as well as attractive; yet this combination of features is rare in flooring. You’ll already know of the difficult dilemma you face when choosing between practicality and style and it’s usually a case of compromising on both features. Here at R-Tek Manufacturing, however, we believe that you shouldn’t ever have to compromise on any aspect of your flooring and our new Excel tiles means that you’ll never have to.

Our Excel tiles have been designed with commercial properties in mind; these tiles are the ideal flooring solution for a variety of establishments such as offices, schools, canteens and shops. Thanks to the innovative design, these tiles are practical, durable and attractive.

Practicality & Durability

If we had to choose then the majority of us would put the practicality and the durability of our floors above anything else; without durability, no matter how beautiful the floor is, you’ll be forced to replace it sooner than you’d like. A highly durable floor, on the other hand, ensures that your floors will serve you well for years to come and you won’t have to continually waste money on repairs or replacements.

Our Excel tiles are highly durable, making it the ideal flooring for high traffic areas such as canteens and they are easy to maintain. These tiles have an interlocking system that is hidden below the tiles, making the floors almost watertight. One of the most common complaints about tiles is that dropped food and spilt drinks fall into the slight dips in the joins of the tiles and become difficult to clean efficiently; with no visible join in these tiles, you won’t have to worry about this problem again.


A practical flooring solution is all well and good but unappealing flooring can bring down the appearance of your commercial space as a whole and give the wrong impression about your business. Our tiles, however, are available in 10 different colours and thanks to the invisible interlocking system, these seamless tiles can give your space a contemporary, clean feel.

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