How to Lay Interlocking Floor Tiles

There is a multitude of flooring solutions that you can implement within your commercial or industrial property, but there are few that offer all of the benefits that interlocking floor tiles can provide. At R-Tek Manufacturing, we are specialist providers of these fantastic tiles that are durable, insulating and low maintenance. So how exactly do you install them?


As with any project of this nature, carrying out the correct preparation procedures are essential to ensure you get great results. Like with all flooring, temperature is an essential aspect of interlocking floor tile installation. The minimum room temperature is 15°C and the tiles must be stored in this area for at least 24 hours to allow them to acclimatise to the environment.

You should also thoroughly clean the installation area as any debris that is left on the floor will lead to inconsistencies in the finish. You should have already measured the dimensions of the area, and you should also find the centre-point as this is where you will need to start.


Starting from the very middle of the room, you will need to make sure that your tiles are parallel to the walls or fixtures to avoid unnecessary cutting later. For connecting the tiles together, it is best to use a rubber mallet or engineering hammer to avoid damaging the edges.

Once you have installed as many full-size tiles as you can, you will the need to cut them down to the sizes you need to complete your flooring. Interlocking floor tiles expand, so it is vital that you leave a 5mm gap between the wall and the tiles’ edge to avoid ending up with a bumpy surface.


Unlike with carpet cleaning Solihull, maintaining our interlocking floor tiles couldn’t be easier. The durable surface can be damp mopped or hand scrubbed to remove marks and stains quickly.

So choose interlocking floor tiles as your commercial or industrial flooring solution and follow this straightforward installation guide to achieve fantastic looking results in no time. To find out more about the floor tiles we offer here at R-Tek Manufacturing, get in touch with us via phone or e-mail.

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