The Importance of Installing Industrial Flooring Correctly

There are many advantages to using the interlocking floor tiles we supply here at R-Tek Manufacturing for your industrial flooring, including long-lasting performance, insulation and noise reduction. However, to fully enjoy the benefits that comes with this fantastic flooring solution, it is essential that you install it correctly, and although simple to do, there are many basic mistakes you can make when fitting it.

Clean up the Installation Area First

Before fitting your interlocking floor tiles, it is essential to prepare the area properly, and this involves cleaning up all the dirt and debris that may be on the floor. Without doing this, you will not end up with the smooth and even finish that you require, resulting in a bumpy floor that not only looks unattractive but is also unsafe.

Measure Up Correctly

Like with all projects of this nature, getting your measurements right is of paramount importance. Not only will you need to identify the centre-point of the room (as this is the place you will start), you will also need to ensure that you have the tiles lined up parallel with the walls, otherwise you will end up with a problem when it comes to cutting tiles to fit around the sides of the floor. Not only will it be awkward to cut them to the right shape, it will not look good either.

Mind the Gap!

One of the most common mistakes people make when fitting their interlocking floor tiles is to lay them right up to the wall. It is vital that you leave a 5mm gap around the edge as the tiles will expand as they acclimatise to the room, and failing to do so will leave you with an uneven floor.

You will have to undertake a lot less floor maintenance than you would with many other types of flooring, but to ensure you can enjoy all of the benefits of interlocking floor tiles, you will need to follow these steps when installing them.

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