Cheap Flooring for Commercial Properties

Unlike the average home, a commercial property will be used all day every day, with the floor coming under a heavy amount of usage from staff and any visiting clients/potential customers – therefore raising the need for a much sturdier and formidable floor than what you may use inside your home. Luckily for your business, we at R-Tek Manufacturing have all the commercial flooring options to provide you with exactly what you require.


The only requirement of any business isn’t just finding a floor or other installations that can cope with high amounts of usage, but also a floor that is available at the right price – because unlike spending out on something luxurious for your home, a successful business needs to keep costs down wherever possible.

Our flooring isn’t only of a high standard, but is also affordably priced throughout the entire range, so you can gain a high quality floor for much less and then spend the excess finances elsewhere – simply contact us on 0800 0284722 for pricing information.

Everything you could need from a Floor

Now that you know our floors are affordable, we can get to the real benefit of an R-Tek commercial floor. Whether you are looking to furnish your office space, retail unit or even a sports centre, our floors truly provide something for everyone, with the choice between studded, textured, chequered and dove tail which are themselves split up into any colour choice (bold or neutral) you may be looking for.

R-Tek commercial flooring can enhance your work space with a unique appearance that is backed up by warm and soft to touch, slip-resistant and quick and easy to install – with the floor tiles simply slotting together and being ready to be walked on as soon as they are installed – what more could a commercial property need?

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