Top 4 Reasons to Choose R-Tek Commercial Floor Tiles

When you’re looking for a new flooring solution for your commercial property you need to choose carefully. Your flooring needs to work for you and your business as well as being something that can be implemented quickly to minimise down time. Our R-Tek interlocking floor tiles could be the perfect solution for your flooring, and here’s why:

1. Outstanding Performance:

Whether your floor has to withstand hundreds of people walking over it every day or it needs to withstand heavy loads, whatever the application our tiles are the perfect choice. They are incredibly hard wearing and durable. They’re long lasting and really easy to clean and maintain – everything you need when you run a fast paced business.

2. Easy Installation:

Installation is incredibly easy; they require very little sub-floor preparation and can often be laid straight on top of your old floor, covering stains and damaged flooring. The interlocking system means you can simply lay them on the floor and lock them into place with no need for any adhesives. This means minimal downtime for your business and very little loss of productivity.

3. Bespoke Flooring:

Our interlocking floor tiles come in a range of different colours meaning you can create a unique floor specifically for your business; whether that means choosing coloured tiles that match your company’s trade mark logos or breaking your floor up into sections using different colours.

4. Safe for Everyone:

Our tiles can withstand high volumes of traffic and heavy loads; they are highly resistant and won’t crack under heavy weights. The tiles are also great insulators from the cold and noise. They’re comfortable to walk on which is great if you’re stood up all day and being slip-resistant they are a safe option for colleagues and customers alike.

Be sure to browse our website to see the full range of products we have on offer and if you would like any more information feel free to get in touch with us on 028 3751 0367.