Looking for Hard Wearing Industrial Flooring Systems?

If you are looking for incredibly hard wearing and versatile industrial flooring systems for your business then look no further than R-Tek Manufacturing. Our highly durable R-Tile industrial floor tiles can be used in almost any industrial environment from factory floors, warehouses and laboratories to airport hangers, car showrooms and service areas.

Our industrial floor tiles are incredibly easy to install as they are interlocking and can be simply laid over your existing hard floors with no need for preparation. They are available in two different thicknesses (5mm, 6.5mm and 7mm) and two different finishes – textured and studded. The tiles are also available in 10 bright colours which you could choose to match your company’s trademark colours. They can also be arranged to create patterns or colour code different workspaces within your building.

Why Choose R-Tile industrial Floor Tiles?

  • The tiles are made from hardwearing PVC and are naturally resistant to chemicals and oils.
  • Both the studded and textured tiles have excellent non-slip properties.
  • They are long lasting and very easy to maintain and clean.
  • The tiles act as great heat insulators and can significantly reduce noise levels.
  • They are able to cope with compression and won’t crack under heavy loads.
  • As the installation process is so simple, it will cause minimal disruption in your workplace.

We are also now able to offer our new R-Tile range – the Dove Tail Tile. This new tile is textured and is available in two thicknesses – 5mm and 7mm. The Dove Tail Tile is also easy to install due to the interlocking system and once your floor has been installed, the joining mechanism will be virtually invisible; giving it a smooth finish.

If you are interested in our industrial flooring system for your workplace or you would like any more information then get in touch with us today.